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identity crisis
career stress

social anxiety

fear of failing

sexual difficulties

disturbing thoughts

sense of helplessness

difficulty to plan or to commit

anger at home, work or road

depression and adjustment issues

stress and performance anxiety issues

overcoming bad habits: eating, chemical substances, dependency
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What is Online Counseling
             It is the process of interacting with a professional online in ongoing conversations over time in which the client and the online psychologist / counselor / consultant are in separate locations and utilize the phone or e-mails or internet video-conferencing technology to communicate with each other. It is a relatively new modality of assisting individuals resolving life and relationship issues. 
The online psychologist / counselor / professional does not provide traditional psychotherapy and does not treat mental or emotional medical disorders. However, this method of counseling is flexible enough to address many difficulties which clients present to the online professional, such as: career, couples, marriage, sexuality, depression and adjustment issues; this method also works well in solving issues involving identity crisis, social anxiety, fear of failing, disturbing thoughts, sense of helplessness, difficulty to plan or to commit, anger at home, work or road, difficulties in relationships, stress & anxiety issues and personal life improvements' efforts.
The Counseling Online method
Some pro and cone issues concerning the Counseling Online method:
1. Clients can access services at almost any time, any day of the week
2. Counseling sessions are suitable also for remote and under-served regions, as  well as for those who are not highly mobile, since they can access services from any phone or internet portal anywhere in the world
3. The sessions' nature provide confidentiality also for clients in small communities
4. The online method fits clients who are unwilling for a variety of reasons to seek face-to-face services
Phone and Internet Counseling Online:
What can you gain when you consult online with a psychologist?
By using a instant messenger or telephone communication with your counselor / psychologist / consultant - you may benefit from a cost effective and user friendly method in order to achieve a stress management control and a better effectiveness and harmony in your career, family, marriage, relationships, self-growth and business challenges.


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While some of our physiologists may be professionals with degrees and private practices, not all are or have degrees. For serious illness or problems, please visit your local doctor or physiologists. We take no responsibility. There are no refunds. Online counseling is not appropriate for all kinds of problems. If you have suicidal thoughts, it's important that you seek help immediately. You are not alone. If you are located in the US, call 1-800-784-2433 or 911 and ask for help.  Must Read more ...

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