1. Stop looking at pornography

2. Don't worry, don't feel alone as many holy people stumbled on just this thing. You are not alone:)

3. Don't get stuck in guilt and depression as it is counterproductive. 

4. Go to a friend, Rabbi or parent and ask them for help. Tell them what's going on. If you have too, call a Rabbi up anonymously without saying your name and tell him your problem. One of the first steps is to get this out so you don't feel alone with it. It is very important to seek out a Rebbe and confess your sins to him as he will pray on your behalf and reverse any judgment in heaven within his ability. 

5. If you are able too, get rid of the source that allows you access to pornography. The internet, cable television and any printed material. Distance yourself from friends who might be a bad influence.

6. Find new ways of keeping yourself busy. Hobbies, a job and find yourself some more friends.

7. Learn more Torah and go to the local mikvah if you are a man.

8. Be happy because the fact that you are here is a very good sign. Chazal says, a person who comes to purify themselves, Hashem will help them.

9. Admit you have a problem

10. Say the following psalms regularly in order as they are a great Tikkun, rectification for sexual sins and Hashem will answer you through saying these. 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, 150. All the drops of seed ever wasted from this sin will return to the realm of holiness through saying these.